Jolfa jaunt

Jolfa neighborhood is one of the spectacular routs of Isfahan city to visit. The date of this part of Isfahan back to Safavid period, When the Shah Abbas hale the Armenian who lives in north-west of Iran because of the government of Iran have conflict with ottoman dynasty.

Most of these immigrants were resettled in Isfahan after entering Iran. Over All, Jolfa is one of the old neighborhood of Isfahan city. It has many ancient construction like Vank church, Romanos bathroom, Bethlehem church, and so on.

Tolou e Safar Yad travel located in Isfahan, launch the different tours of this city its called Isfahan City Tours. The unusual routs with new experience of this ancient city.

In the blew you can see this package ( Jolfa Jaunt ) and see the itinerary of this tour.

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Tour Itinerary

  • Visit from the Armenian Cemetery

– Transfer from your place and then go to Armenian Cemetery

– Familiarity with the history of creation and the people who were buried ther

  • Zarathustra’s house

– Visit the Zarathustra’s house with nice experience and learning and get familiarity with Zoroastrianism ( The debt of ancient Persians )

  • Beatlehem Church

-Visit the Beatlehem church with the spectacular architect and paintings of Jesus Christ.

  • Jolfa square

-Visit Ancient Sq. with magnificent history in the Isfahan downtown .

  • Firouz Sherbet house

-With beautiful architecture like ancient Iran , It can be best place for get rest and enjoy the drinks.

  • Vank Church

-This Church is located in the New Julfa district of Isfahan,The cathedral was established in 1606, dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Armenian deportees that were resettled by Shah Abbas I during the Ottoman War of 1603-1618.

  • Dine in ZayandeRoud restaurant

-This restaurant is one of the best in the Isfahan, with traditional Iranian food like Chelo-Kebab & Joojeh-Kebab ( Selection Menu ) and self service side dish.

  • Isfahan Music Museum

-Isfahan Music Museum features roughly 300 traditional musical instruments, those that are currently being played or used to be practiced across Iran.

-You can enjoy the Traditional live music in this museum ( Just playing for tourists )

At The End, take memorable pictures and printing on the hook.

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