Tehran traditional food

Iran is a land of food with different flavors. You can try a variety of national and traditional cuisine in this country. In this article (Iranisfahantour.com) , let’s take a look at the traditional Iranian cuisine of the capital of Iran.

Sar Gonjeshki is one of the ethnic foods of Tehran. The ingredients of this meal include minced meat, onion, potato, tomato sauce, oil, salt, pepper, turmeric, tarragon.
Fry the onion, tomato sauce, salt, pepper and turmeric in oil. Add water and let’s boil. Then mix the minced meat, grated onion, spice and tarragon. Round up the size of hazelnut, put in the first sauce we prepared. Cut the potatoes into squares and add to the material to cook.

Dampokhta is Another traditional food of Tehran ingredients to make this food include rice, bean,minced meat, onion, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, turmeric and saffron.
Cook the bean with some water so that it does not crumble. Increase the tomato sauce into boiling water to dissolve and add rice to it, after a few minutes rinse it. Fry meat and onion, then add tomato sauce and bean. After a short time add rice and mix well. Pour some water, oil and saffron on the pot, then add rice mixed until it cooked.

Eshkeneh Esfenaj is one of the traditional food in Tehran. The ingredients for preparation it contains egg, potato, fried onion, spinach, salt, pepper, turmeric and somagh (one of the spices).
Add flour, spinach, pepper and turmeric to the fried onions. After a few seconds increase some water and potatoes until half cooked. Stir the eggs with salt and then add to the material after 3 minutes. At the end add somagh water.

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