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Isfahan Tour (3 Nights)

Departure Date: Daily Duration: 4Days 3Nights Insurrance Entrance feeTour Guide MR. Mehran Soltanalketab Education: Tourism Management (Bachelor) Laguage : English/Persian Accommodation Isfahan : Ibnesina Hotel ( 3 Star ) Isfahan : Aseman Hotel (...

Isfahan,Yazd,Shiraz (7days 6nights)

Isfahan(3N), Yazd(2N), Shiraz(3N) The Classic Route of Iran, This tour includes the cities of Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz . together with their sites and museums so that you can learn about Iranian culture and...
souvenir of tabriz ۰

souvenir of tabriz

Tabriz is one of the great handicraft centers of Iran. Several handicrafts like carpet, Glim, Varni, Shawl, Clay dishes, Ceramic, Leather shoemaking are producing in this province. As most featured Handicrafts of Tabriz can...


Tehran traditional food

Iran is a land of food with different flavors. You can try a variety of national and traditional cuisine in this country. In this article (Iranisfahantour.com) , let's take a look at the traditional...

Customs of Yazd

The five thousand year old city of Yazd located in the center of Iran is one of the greatest adobe cities of the world. It is one of the driest cities of Iran with...


History of Shiraz

In this part of www.isftour.com travel consulate website we gave you some information about one of the historical city of iran. Shiraz is mentioned in Elamite inscriptions from around 2000 BC and it was...