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Iranian tourism destinations


Recreation of tabriz

In this article we read some about recreation of Tabriz the city that located in north-west of Iran. read about that in El Gölü also known as Shah Gölü is the name of...

Shiraz Traditional food ۰

Shiraz Traditional food

Shirazis just love having fun and they’re willing to spend money on it. They take their holidays seriously and don’t let weekends pass by indoors. They’re the kind of people you want to be around, cause...


History of Shiraz

In this part of travel consulate website we gave you some information about one of the historical city of iran. Shiraz is mentioned in Elamite inscriptions from around 2000 BC and it was...


Takht-E Foulad Cemetry

Takht-e Foulad Cemetery with an ancient is Written that history is the most noble and the most glory that’s famous ous cemetery of Shiite’s world after Jannat the prophets o al-Baqi Cemetery in Medina,...