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Kufteh Tabrizi is an Iranian meatball recipe from the city of Tabriz. The dish normally includes a big meat ball with meat, rice, yellow split peas, herbs and other ingredients and its juice which is served in a separate dish with shredded Sangak or Lavash bread before the main course.
The ingredients are ground beef, rice, yellow split peas, leeks, mint, parsley, onion, and Persian spices for the dough and boiled egg, walnut, fried onion, and dried apricot for the core of the Kufteh. Boil rice and split peas separately each for fifteen minutes. Cut one onion in small pieces and fry it in vegetable oil. Mix and cut all of the vegetables into small pieces. Grate another onion in tiny pieces and drain out its juice. Mix all ground beef, ground onion, boiled rice, boiled peas and vegetables with Azerbaijani spices and salt and squish them all. Make a ground ball of the pulp and put the apricot, and boiled egg in the middle. Add tomato paste and barberries to the frying onion and fry for couple of minutes again then pour water inside it and heat it up till it boils. Carefully put the meatballs inside the boiling mix and keep it boiling for half an hour.

Carrot Stew
If you like sweet dishes, then carrot stew of Tabriz is a good choice for you. This food along with koofteh is among the famous dishes of Tabriz, and because it has carrot and plum in it, it has a sweetness whose taste some people might not like. There is fried peels of carrot, meat and plum, which are mixed with seasonings such as saffron, onion, and tomatoes, etc. and offer a pleasant food to those who are interested in this food.

Kookoo Lobia Sabz
Ground meat, potatoes, carrots, onions and eggs at the hands of the Iranian housewife are turned into a kookoo which you’ll surely miss if you don’t try it. This food cannot be found in many restaurants and if you want to have it, you must go to the hospitable people of Tabriz. This food has a special place in parties and ceremonies of the people of Tabriz.

Ash kalam Ghomri
Ash kalam Ghomri is among the special and original potages of Tabriz. This potage is made from Ghomri cabbage, onion, split pea, grits, rice, scallion, parsley, another vegetable named cruise, tomato, tomato paste, and spice, and for decorating purposes dried mint is added to it. But some of the old residents of Tabriz add curd to ash kalam Ghomri.

Fruit Potage

Fruit potage is also among the famous dishes of Tabriz which due to its sweet-and-sour taste some specific people choose this dish. Of course this potage is not made the same way in different places in Tabriz. But most people of Tabriz make it using pea, haricot, plum, sloe, apricot, cherry, cranberry, carrot, collard, onion, potage noodles, tomato paste, tomato, scallion, and parsley.

Tomato Potage
Among other very delicious and colorful potages of Tabriz is the tomato potage. The only difference between tomato potage and ash abghooreh is the amount of tomato used in preparing it. In making this potage pinto bean or wax bean, grits, rice, hot onion, tomato in an abundant amount, scallion, and parsley are used. To make it even tastier sour or verjuice is used.

Omaj Potage
This potage is very strong, regarding nutrition, and is usually made in winters. Abundant onion, legume, noodles or omaj, basil, savory, scallion, spice, and turmeric are the ingredients used in making a delicious omaj potage. This food is also among the homemade dishes. But it is possible to find it in traditional restaurants and small food shops.

Yaprak Dolmasi
The title of this section is the Azeri equivalence of grapevine leaves dish of marrow. You probably have had dish of marrow in your own cities. Dish of marrow is among the formal and authentic appetizers in Tabriz which is made from grist, rice, split pea, organic oil, fried onions and special dish of marrow vegetables.

You might have heard the name doyamj in other cities. We cited the reason for this at the beginning of this part. This food like the foods mentioned above is not served for lunch or dinner. But it is an afternoon meal or breakfast which has a lot of energy and nutrition. Dried bread of Tabriz, local cheese, butter, vegetables such as scallion, parsley, tarragon, spearmint, and walnut are the ingredients used in the making of this dish. Light and simple.


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