Traditional Food of Isfahan

Iranian cuisine comprises the cooking traditions of Iran. You can read about this on ( ) website. on this website we gavies travel consultant to our users around the world.

If you are a food tourist and you are visiting Isfahan, you must try this dish because it is the most famous traditional food of Isfahan. Beryani is minced cocked meat fried in a special pan and served with traditional bread. Broth consist of meat flavored with special spices and grinded bread in it.
Beryani is decorated with walnut or almond slice. It can be served with vegetables and dough (yoghurt mixed water).

One type of citrus, called “Narang”, is also served with Iranian traditional foods. Among the roundabouts around food, you can find special vegetables of Iran, and onions

Khoresht-e Mast is another traditional food of Isfahan. This stew is also a kind of dessert.
It made from yoghurt, lamb mutton or chicken, saffron, sugar and orange peels. This stew is very sweet and heavy. Another type of served desserts along with traditional Iranian dishes is ” Shole-Zard ” . Which includes rice, sugar and saffron and to decorate a little almond slices. Which is a popular Persian dessert with originality Isfahani.

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