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Medical Tour Of Iran

medical tourism Tolo Safriad Travel Agency has a health license from the Ministry of Tourism of the Islamic Republic of Iran and host of beauty and treatment tours in Isfahan city It is ready...

Souvenir of Tehran

Souvenirs and crafts of Tehran are another items that can be remarkable for a tourist and bring a memorable one from their visit. Shisheh Gari (Glass Blowing) In the ancient temple of “Choqazanbil” thousands...

Iranian visa types

Your purpose of the trip as well as other factors will determine what type of visa suits you best based on the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As an applicant,...

Address of embassies in iran

ردیف نام کشور سفیر تلفن نمابر ایمیل و وب­سایت آدرس 1 جمهوری آذربایجان Azerbaijan جناب آقای بنیاد حسینوف H.E. Mr. Bunyad Huseynov 22563146 22563147 22554255 22 55 81 83 [email protected] tehran.mfa.gov.az دروس، بلوار...


Recreations of Yazd

The Amir Chakhmaq Complex, is a prominent structure in Yazd, Iran. It is a mosque located on a square of the same name. It also contains a caravanserai, a bathhouse, a cold water well,...

Shiraz Traditional food ۰

Shiraz Traditional food

Shirazis just love having fun and they’re willing to spend money on it. They take their holidays seriously and don’t let weekends pass by indoors. They’re the kind of people you want to be around, cause...