Traditional food of Kerman

Abgousht bademjan va kashk is one of the traditional food in Kerman which has many fans. The main ingredients are curd, red meat, pea, white beans, potato, onion, eggplant, beetroot, salt, turmeric and pepper.

Generally the duration of this food is long, because you should soak peas and beans from the night before.


Abgousht Zireh

Cumin is aromatic plant which many used both in medicine and Iranian cooking. The best and most quality of Iran’s cumin is in Kerman province. It is one of the main ingredients of this broth. This local meal is very different from usual Iranian’s broth, because there are no peas, beans and potatoes in it.

In addition to cumin the ingredients of this dainty broth include meat, onion, tomato paste, pepper, turmeric and salt. You can use garlic to make it more delicious. If you like to taste a genuine Iranian broth, this is the suitable food for you.

Omach Ash is one of the oldest and most delicious local foods in Kerman, which is rich in minerals and nutrients.

 The main ingredients of this meal are beetroot, lentil, onion, flour, cumin, peppermint, spinach, parsley, coriander, dill seed, black beans (siyah daneh), salt, qare qorut, turmeric.

Majour Kadu is one of the best local cuisine in Kerman. Pumpkin, white cheese, egg, flour, liquid oil, dill, salt and pepper are its ingredients.

This delicious food which takes about 30-45 minutes of cooking time, a good option for busy days


Boz Ghorme with this strange name is another delicious food in Kerman province. Because of the kid’s meat in the combination of its materials, they called it this name. It is made up of ingredients such as peas, onion, garlic, boneless kid’s meat, curd, saffron, peppermint, salt, turmeric and pepper.

This meal is long to cook, because you have to soak the beans from the night before. Serve it with rice or bread.


Khoresht Aloucheh (Plum Stew) is a native food in Kerman. It is made with compounds such as meat, pinto bean, tomato paste, parsley, coriander, onion, plum, lemon juice and spices. 

The method of making this stew is very simple and it has a great taste for those who like sour foods.


Zire Polo (Rice Cumin) is one of Kerman’s original food which has special fans, because anyone who doesn’t like cumin. This food has great flavor and aroma.

Its main ingredients are rice, black cumin, oil and salt. It is simple to prepare and after cooking you can serve it with chicken or meat.

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