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Iran Classic Route (2)

Isfahan(3N), Yazd(2N), Shiraz(3N), Kerman(2N) Insurrance Entrance fee Views of the tour : 30 Views | 24 Need to payment Tour Guide MR.Khashayar Dadkhah Education: Tourism Management (Bachelor) Laguage : English/Persian Accommodation sfahan : Abbasi...

Traditional food of Kerman

Abgousht bademjan va kashk is one of the traditional food in Kerman which has many fans. The main ingredients are curd, red meat, pea, white beans, potato, onion, eggplant, beetroot, salt, turmeric and pepper....
History & cultre of Kerman 0

History & cultre of Kerman

Kerman a paradise in the heart of desert . Kerman is very famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage. Each year, the city attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. Kerman,...