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Iran Classic Route (2)

Isfahan(3N), Yazd(2N), Shiraz(3N), Kerman(2N) Insurrance Entrance fee Views of the tour : 30 Views | 24 Need to payment Tour Guide MR.Khashayar Dadkhah Education: Tourism Management (Bachelor) Laguage : English/Persian Accommodation sfahan : Abbasi...

Shiraz attractions

Shiraz the city of poets like another cities of Iran have many attractions for tourist who visit this wonderful place. this post in iranisfahantour.com we try to gave more information about Shiraz attractions. Narenjestan-e-Ghavam...


Traditional food of Kerman

Abgousht bademjan va kashk is one of the traditional food in Kerman which has many fans. The main ingredients are curd, red meat, pea, white beans, potato, onion, eggplant, beetroot, salt, turmeric and pepper....

Souvenir of Yazd

Termeh One of the most important souvenirs of Yazd is a kind of fabric known as Termeh. It has been being weaved in Yazd from 400 years ago. Termeh has being used by Zoroastrians...

Shiraz Traditional food ۰

Shiraz Traditional food

Shirazis just love having fun and they’re willing to spend money on it. They take their holidays seriously and don’t let weekends pass by indoors. They’re the kind of people you want to be around, cause...

Recreation in Tabriz ۰

Recreation in Tabriz

El Gölü also known as Shah Gölü is the name of a large historic park containing an artificial lake in south east of Tabriz, Iran. Shah Gulu’s artificial lake is a rectangular lake surrounded...