Why Iran?

When we talking about travel to Iran, For you , the most Information that you receive from news and news networks,Gives you a recap of the some of the countries in the Middle East a desert and backward country whose people still move with four-legged ! maybe. If it turns out to be with a small amount of research and study that is impartial, Iran is more cultural and civilian than the other Middle Eastern countries.

Iran has a rich historical civilization. Culture and customs of Iranians are very beautiful and diverse.
You will visit a lot of historical attractions in Iran.
Different cities of Iran have witnessed massive civilizations throughout history that affect the world.

Hedamadan or Hegmataneh related to the period of Medes

The city of Shiraz relates to the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sasanian periods

The city of Isfahan relates to the Seljuk and Safavid periods

Mashhad city related to Afsharian period

Tehran city is related to the Qajar and Pahlavi periods so far

Yazd city, which is historically and old. That the whole city of Yazd has been registered at the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The lives of people in Iran are very up-to-date and consistent with the growth of global welfare.

Of course, due to economic problems that have been created over this period, the value of the Iranian currency against the dollar and the euro is very low, which is a very good opportunity to travel to Iran.

Tourists traveling to Iran often come to Iran to visit the ancient Persian history and culture of Persia.

Iran is a religious country with special rules covering hijab, drinking alcohol in public exposure and Relationship outside Islamic law.

Maybe traveling to other countries is too free and easy, but travelers who travel to Iran know that the experiences and memories that they have gained in Iran are not available in any other country.

So, we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity and, once and for all, experience traveling to Iran.
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